Frankfort-based, luxury custom homes builder, Alexi Development, has “spread their wings” and started development work in a unique residential airpark subdivision called Meadow Creek. The subdivision is located west of Monee, Illinois, on Harlem

Meadow Creek Airpark Avenue just north of the Monee-Manhattan Road. Meadow Creek is designed to provide pilots the ability to live with their planes and fly from their homes. A 3,400-foot private runway runs through the center of the 145-lot community. The roads, runway and taxiway are private property and are owned by the community. Access to Meadow Creek is restricted and controlled by 2 separate gated entrances.

Tony Vari, President of Alexi Development, said: “This is the first time we have been involved in developing luxury homes in such a unique location.”

“As society becomes more affluent and greater numbers of people obtain their pilots license, the demand for luxury homes in this type of community will just grow and grow.”

Alexi Development is set to complete their first luxury custom built home in Meadow Creek airpark around the middle of 2018. There are still plenty of fantastic lots to choose from. If you are interested in this unique and beautiful development, please contact us on 773-329-5600, find out more details about our current projects or complete the contact page.